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Round Pebbles

Round shaped pebbles stones that are used in mosaic art and craft projects. It can be arranged in patterns and designs to form pictures or decorative elements. You can get creative with color combinations and patterns to achieve the artistic effects in mosaic projects.

Slice Pebbles

Sliced pebbles are typically round pebbles that cut or sliced into flat, thin pieces. These slices could be used in mosaic art, or other creative projects. It often reveal the patterns and colors of the pebbles, which can be beautiful.

onyx mosaic

Onyx is a type of natural stone that is known for its translucent and colorful appearance. Onyx mosaic can result in stunning and luxurious decorative surfaces.

Marble Mosaic

“Mosaic marble” typically refers to a type of decorative art or design created using small pieces of marble arranged to form a pattern or image. Marble is known for its natural beauty, distinctive veining, and a wide range of colors.


Gravel is a loose aggregation of small, often rounded rock fragments. It is a common geological and construction material. Gravel is often used for various purposes, including construction, landscaping, and road surfacing.